Write 1/Sub 1 check in: week 29 the one with the milestone

Week 29! This week saw a milestone in my Write 1/Sub 1 journey. I submitted my fiftieth story for the year. That’s right. 5 – 0. 50 submissions (if not 50 stories) since January first.

My daughter was at camp this week, which means the yearly tradition of the story I write about the alien who lives in her bedroom when she’s away. This year it was Xelenia: Alien Spy Girl, who battled the Blocknarians–because I’m all kinds of creative when writing these off-the-cuff camp stories.

Still, I must do a somewhat convincing job of it, since my daughter still isn’t sure if Xelenia does live in her room while she’s away or if I write these for, as she put it, “my entertainment.”


  • Cracks in the Sky ~2,500 words
  • Xelenia: Alien Spy Girl (camp story)
  • Pitching a Fit (blog challenge post)


  • The Girl with the Piccolo


  • None (!)


  • None, but a short YA story of mine has been short-listed, so I’m pleased (and a little hopeful).

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One response to “Write 1/Sub 1 check in: week 29 the one with the milestone

  1. anno

    50 submissions already! Congratulations!

    Aren’t you tempted, though, just the teensiest bit, to coast for a little while? Say, until mid-December? I would be, I know.

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