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Weekly writing check-in: long lists and such

Well, at least there’s no negative word count this week. I’m back on track, more or less.

In good news this week, I did have a story make Pulp Literature’s Raven Short Story Long List. I can’t say which story since the submissions are blind, but I’m pleased.

Also, I worked through some Photoshop tutorials (as you can see) and the lessons for my folklore classes. I’m not doing anything particular¬†with the folklore at the moment, but I find that the classes and the reading spark all kinds of story ideas.

Writing work:

  • Series work (structure, brainstorming, research)
  • Graphic Design/Photoshop tutorials
  • Writing, ~4,523 words
  • Folklore classes


  • None


  • None


  • None


  • None

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