Daily Archives: March 4, 2018

Weekly writing check-in: quick check-in for a busy week

Busy week, busy weekend. It’s studio dance competition season, once again. So, yesterday was taxes and Girl Scout cookie selling, today was the first competition.

I’m letting the novel I completed last week “compost” for a bit, so I started working on another (longer) fairy tale. If I can pull this off, I should (should) be able to start publishing two new series this year.

Also this week, six rejections! Some are leftover from last year. I did send one back out again, but I suppose it’s time to start looking at a few more markets.

I also worked through some graphic design classes as well. And that’s it. I’m just feeling amazingly accomplished for getting the taxes done that I may have to curl up and spend the rest of the day reading.


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