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Weekly writing check-in: tiramisu and tea

I missed last week. The audio for Nothing but the Ghosts was ready, and I spent a good chunk of the weekend listening to that. The narrator, Amy McFadden, has done such a fantastic job with the entire series that I’m pretty much speechless.

In other news, I finished a story this week that I started longhand in Iowa while working at the Java House with a little tiramisu and tea.

And I did a little background/worldbuilding work on a possible story/series. Yes, I know. That’s vague. On purpose.

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Weekly writing check-in: Story on the wall

I love this mural (from Iowa City). I want to live in the apartment (I think it’s an apartment) with the fire escape that lands you in the middle of that scene.

I’m thinking of a story where something like that could happen.

I did a little writing this week. Not about this particular mural, but I may have to soon. Otherwise, I’m getting back into my regular routine, getting caught up at work, and all the other things you do after taking off for a week.

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Weekly writing check-in: Back from Iowa


Old Capitol Building, sunrise

I’m back from the IowaSummer Writing Festival. I had an incredible time. It was just what I needed.

Of course, after that five-hour drive, I think I need a nap.

This week, I’ll review the extended sample for Season 3 of Coffee and Ghosts, which means in a few weeks, the entire audio will be ready for review.

Now, I’m off to do some laundry and maybe a little writing as well.

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