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Ten day challenge day 6: come on, everybody, do your exercise

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Today’s prompt:

Share a personal interest or hobby that you have aside from writing – how has this inspired and impacted your writing? Required: at least one photo!

I’m fairly certain the photo is meant to highlight my wonderfully creative hobby that I have in addition to writing. Alas. I have no such thing, at least nothing worth taking a picture of. Instead, I have this:

Exercise cat says no pain, no gain.

Yep. Exercise. I work out every single morning, even when I’m sick (because generally I don’t realize I’m sick until after I exercise). How does it inform my writing? Let me count the ways:

  • That initial tug of resistance. It lasts for all of five minutes.
  • Some days you simply flail around. That’s okay.
  • Some days, you’re so hot, you’re on fire.
  • Endurance.
  • Pyramiding up on the weights.
  • Lightening the load.
  • The zone.

In fact, I find exercise so similar to writing that I wouldn’t want to do one without the other. Plus, I use the same handful of workout tapes. I know the routines so well, I often daydream about my stories while I work out.


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Editing cat is editing

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Editing cat finds your words … wanting.

Also? That’s no ordinary pen. That’s a Uni-ball Vision Elite, black ink infused with color (in this case, red). That’s right. It’s infused. With color. And it is awesome.


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Music Cat says …

You are not done practicing your baritone.

music cat


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Tis the season!

Tis the season for:

  • Snow on WordPress!
  • Cats in Christmas trees!


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Because I don’t have a picture of a turkey

Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate. 

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Walk this way (for the animals)

Yes, we’re pulling on our walking shoes and doing the Animal Humane Society Walk for Animals again this year.

 Our goal is to raise $500.oo. We’re a little less than halfway there. Sadly, we are not fundraising machines here at Chez Tahmaseb. But we try.

If you’d like to donate to the Animal Humane Society (tax deductible, too!), just click through on the link below. That will take you to our team page, Team Oreo.

Animal Humane Society

And naturally, I can’t ask you to donate without providing at least one gratuitous cat picture, so here it is, our team’s namesake:

Life among the throw pillows is rough

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O, Catmas Tree

O, Catmas tree, o Catmas tree …


How lovely are your whiskers.

I keep hoping the novelty of this will wear off. It. Has. Not.

Things to do today:

  • Move the puddle of lights from the floor back onto the tree.
  • Decorate with unbreakable ornaments.
  • Hope the whole thing doesn’t come crashing down in the middle of the night.


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In a cat’s eye

So yesterday, we took Oreo (the cat) to the vet. Her eye looked infected. In fact, Andrew woke me from a sound sleep the other night by yelling:

There’s something wrong with Oreo’s eye!

Except, what I heard was:

Somehow Oreo died!

I charged down the hall, wide awake, heart pounding, only to find the cat, just fine, on his bed.

Miss B wanted to come along to the vet since she’s thinking about being a animal doctor. Actually, she has a very detailed career plan. It goes something like this:

  • For two years, rescue injured seals, nurse them back to health, and release them back into the ocean. (She must have seen something on the Discovery channel about this, it’s so precise.)
  • For two years, work at the Animal Humane Society. (Why two years for both? I don’t know.)
  • Then, she’ll work as a veterinarian, taking care of all kinds of animals.

So, I was pleased that the vet tech and the vet herself were women. Plus, a high school girl was there doing job shadowing for a school project.

The vet put stain in kitty’s eye then viewed it with a black light to check for torn cornea. Actually, we all got to view kitty’s freaky glowing eye. A good time was had by all except kitty. Turns out it’s just an infection that we can treat with ointment.

Which, in theory, sounds simple. Have you ever put ointment in a cat’s eye? Sure, they make it look easy at the vet. This morning, it took me and Andrew to do it. And of course, kitty immediately proceeded to wipe it out of her eye.

Tonight, I’m getting the aspiring vet to help me.

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Or would you rather be a (cat)fish?

Last night, Miss B commandeered my camera and went on a photo safari. Below are a few that she took. Be glad I’m sparing you the blurry one of my running shoes.


A few days ago, she decided our tank needed another fish. So she made one out of paper and taped it to the glass. I mean, buying another fish. How mundane.


We have a mirror in the back of the tank, which is how she got this shot. That’s her big, pink fish floating above her head there. Her homemade “catfish,” as she calls it, is down below.


This is one of many cat photos she took last night. One of many. Trust me on this.

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Reason #278 that I didn’t write today


Seriously. You expect me to interrupt that?

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