In which I cook Jen’s Chicken Rose

So, I tried Jen’s Chicken Rose yesterday. It looked so simple, plus had the added bonus of mix it all together and stick it in the oven preparation. That’s my kind of cooking. My first clue all would not be as simple as all that was a distinct lack of artichoke hearts at the grocery store.

Oh, sure there were some artichokes in the produce section. But no frozen artichoke hearts. I zipped all over the store–it’s the sort of place where you can find esoteric organic stuff, so I figured somewhere there’d be artichoke hearts. Instead, I found Brussels sprouts.

No kidding. I probably missed the whole memo on the Brussels sprout, but from what I saw yesterday, they are the cool vegetable of 2008. Multiple frozen varieties (with butter sauce, without, baby Brussels sprouts, and so on). A whole bunch in the produce section, including organic, individually-wrapped packets of six Brussels sprouts, for when you’re feeling pretentious.

So I went with the canned artichoke hearts (insert collective foodie gasp here).

I subsequently cut my thumb on the can’s edge (insert collective foodie schadenfreude here).

I was reaching for the soy sauce when I realized: we had none. Yeah, and I was just at the store, and I should’ve checked. Thing is, Andrew loves soy sauce, so we almost always have a spare bottle. Today? Not so much. What did I do?

I found a handful of Chinese takeout soy sauce packets and used those. Back in the day, we’d call that “field expedient.” (Insert second collective foodie gasp here.)

The rest of the meal prep was fairly uneventful. I couldn’t find our rice cooker. I suspect it ran off with the loaf pan I couldn’t find a few weeks ago. As long as they’re happy. I’ve told the wok to relay the message that we’ll welcome them back into the fold like the prodigal cookware they are. (For the record, I simply made rice in a pot. It worked.)

The dinner was pretty good. I thought the sauce was tasty, even with the field expedient soy sauce. My cut thumb is nearly healed. This morning we had frozen chocolate chip waffles for breakfast. 

So, yeah. Things are back to normal.


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2 responses to “In which I cook Jen’s Chicken Rose

  1. Hey, that’s the beauty of Chicken Rose – and I’m not gasping about either of your substitutions – actually that was the great “expedient cook” thing to do. But thank goodness you didn’t use those evil brussel sprouts. I think they would have made the dish very… interesting. 😉

    I had my own cooking disasters yesterday, lol, as I tried to put together an entry for Jenn the Leftover Queen’s monthly Food Joust.

  2. Brilliant substitutions! And those nicks and cuts? They’re badges of cooking honor. Wear your bandages proudly!

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