Tap dancing fish

Yesterday, the Marvelous Miss B had her dance recital. Her group danced to At the Codfish Ball, which of course, I can’t get out of my head.

She’s growing out her bangs. They hit right about at her nose. She usually keeps them out of her face with a headband. But. This is show biz, so we had to go the extra mile and really keep them out of her face. In addition to a headband and the fish thing on her head, I used about half a can of Aqua Net.

Waiting for dress rehearsal to start.

The cuteness–it’s nearly lethal.

After the (codfish) ball. A little downtime with Fancy Nancy.


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5 responses to “Tap dancing fish

  1. Yes, your daughter and her costume are adorable. Oy! The cuteness of the fish head hat!

  2. Amy

    Love the fish-head! Too cute.

    Yes, those Codfish balls can be exhausting. Good thing she had a book to relax with.

  3. Jenn

    So adorable, I love the first photo!

  4. Abby

    How adorable! Yay Kyra!

  5. Just wonderful pics, Charity. She is, indeed, lethally cute! (In only the best way).

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