Not exactly live blogging

I really wanted to live blog the book signing, but couldn’t get a signal on my laptop. So … I decided to “live blog” anyway, only put it on time delay.

No pictures yet, since my camera has decided not to talk to my laptop, but Andrew played roving photographer and got some nice photos.

I’m glad I did take this little notes, because I’m not sure I’d remember anything, or at least coherently. We sold all the books on hand, and with the extra orders, ended up selling 54 books! Amazing!

Everyone was so nice and it was a really great experience.

So, here you go, live blogging:

1:48:cannot get wireless connection. Decide to put live blogging on  time delay.

1:49: My daughter is skipping around the room like a maniac.

1:57: just signed a book. It’s almost time and I’m freaking nervous.

2:00: Okay, it is two o’clock and we haven’t officially started. I may have a heart attack.

2:06: Clearly I’m behind the power curve. We’re signing first.

2:07: Just met Jen from TRT! So. Cool.

2:15: Our books are all gone. We sold them all. Dude!

2:19: We are now signing bookplates

2:23: My kids, running amok.

2:26:Darcy’s giving her cheerleading/expectations talk.

2:27: Did you know Steve Martin was a cheerleader?

2:28: So was Kirk Douglas

2:30: So was Ronald Reagan.

2:33: And Ruth Bader Ginsberg (Dude!)

2:34: Local historical cheerleaders now! So cool. We’re making them stand up (but not cheer).

2:36: Darcy’s mom!

2:48: We’re done!

2:49: Snacks!

3:00: Wait! Q&A, then the snacks.

3:18: Bathroom break for my daughter.

3:21:  Off to see Lincoln without a beard (this is my son)

3:27: Signing more bookplates for book orders.

3:30: My kids have vanished. Am hoping they are with Lincoln.

3:50: My kids return and it’s time to leave. I eat one cookie.

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One response to “Not exactly live blogging

  1. Oh, man, you deserved two cookies, at least.

    54 books!!! YAY!!!!

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