Weekly writing check-in: the one with more vine leaves

coffee1I’m happy to report that the first episode for season two of Coffee & Ghosts is complete at 24,000 words.

Yes, I’ve moved into novella territory, and it feels right. I hope it reads that way.

I even have tentative titles for the three episodes:

  • Ghosts of Christmas Past
  • The Ghost That Got Away
  • The Wedding Ghost

But that’s changeable. And I realize that there are about 20,000 other stories on Amazon with a similar title to Ghosts of Christmas Past. That’s just the way it is. It’s a Christmas story. It’s about ghosts (and coffee). What are you going to call it?

Darcy and I continue to fill in all the blanks for the Dating on the Dork Side release. I added in pieces that were missing from the book files (about the authors, acknowledgements, etc.). We reworked descriptions–short and long–for the book, and other small things that pop up when you’re getting ready to launch a book.

And of course, the nice surprise below. I found out this week that Steps to Goodbye will be included in the 2015 Best of Vine Leaves Literary Journal.

Writing Work:

  • E-book and print layout for Dating on the Dork Side, tweaking and adding
  • Coffee & Ghosts season two, episode one: 4,600 words, complete at 24,000 words
  • Outlining and brainstorming episode two.


  • None


  • Incriminating Evidence



  • None

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