Weekly writing check-in: late check-in with an almost cover

Checking in late today. I’ve been busy trying to get the cover ready for Straying from the Path. I think, think, it’s there, or at the very least, almost there.

This means I’ll be doing a cover reveal pretty soon, not to mention having the book go on sale.

In other news, I sent out two submissions this week without receiving any rejections. I did some additional work on the fairy tale series. But mostly it was a week of Photoshop and Vellum (for the interior layout).

So now I send the Kindle file to my e-reader and wait on CreateSpace* to either accept or kick back the print cover and interior. I’ve found that staring at my inbox does not make the fine folks at CreateSpace work any faster, so I think I’ll do what I did last week and curl up with a book.

*My spell checker wants to change CreateSpace to meatspace. I find this hilarious.

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