Tonight, we dine in … heck!

I originally saw this on Diana Peterfreund’sblog. The kids loved it so much I had to bring it over to my blog to spare Diana a freakish spike in hits on that particular entry.

And since I have exactly zero words at my command today (oh, you should see MacKenna–or not. I have completely lost the ability to write), I give you this instead.

Consider this the family friendly, rated G version of 300.

Speaking of heck, a while back, so he wouldn’t say “a swear” around Kyra, Andrew referred to “Hell’s Kitchen” (the reality TV show) as “Heck’s Kitchen.”


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2 responses to “Tonight, we dine in … heck!

  1. Okay… that was funny.

    The other day, my DD said, “Oh, CRAP!”. I’m clearly a bad example.


  2. Oh my goodness… this was SO funny! And my Danish son, who LOVED 300, will SO love this.

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