Do you have a good style?

Talk about quiz serendipity. Jen asked about my “style” yesterday and whether I, like the marvelous Miss B., am/ever was a fashion plate. Or as we like to call it around here, a fashion girl.

Your Fashion Style is Classic

You like what’s stood the test of time…
Simple, well styled clothes that don’t scream trendy
You stay updated and modern, but your clothes stay in style for a while
You wouldn’t be caught in animal prints, fake fur, or super bright colors

What Kind of Fashionable Woman Are You?

Miss B on the other hand, would be caught in animal prints, fake fur, and super bright colors–on a regular basis.

Every night, we pick out a “good style” for her to wear to school the next day. This is vital. This circumvents the whole: Mommy, I have nothing to wear! crisis. I know. She’s five and she has nothing to wear? Thirteen years of this? Not happening.

You pick out your good style. You wear it. So says drill sergeant mommy.

On most days.


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3 responses to “Do you have a good style?

  1. darcy

    That’s not true. You do have a lovely sense of style. Maybe not as animal print/fake fur/bright color-ish as the fabulous Miss B, but stylish none the less.

    I still wish someone would pick out my good style for me.

  2. My style is also classic. But one of my favorite outfits includes a leopardskin print scarf and a pair of cinnamon-colored jeans (alas, too small, but I keep them around for inspiration) that I once wore with stacked heel boots. It’s very old, though. Maybe anything once it grows old enough can be called classic. That’s what I’m hoping for.

  3. I’m afraid my style is whatever is clean… I am SO not a clothes horse. I wear a lot of black, though, as homage to my New York City days, I guess.

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