Walk for Animals: 2009


This is my favorite pic of the day. I’ll put the rest of them below the cut to spare those of you with slow connections.

walk2walk9 walk3

I have no idea what’s going on with Kyra in these three shots.


In step. Yes, they’re both wearing Chuck Taylors.


Inside the mobile vet hospital. The thing on the table was actually a stuffed dog and you could reach inside its belly and get candy. Which, now that I write it out, sounds kind of gross.

goats      poodle

Animals! Naturally there were dogs, but people brought cats, goats, parrots, a horse, a pony, ferrets, and one guy had a monkey.


Finish line! We made it.


Then we made pet bandannas. Andrew left out the “r” in Sparky (Spaky?), but he managed to add it in so it looked funky and intentional. Kyra made a bandanna for Oreo.


Large, inflatable cats need hugs too.

That was our day. I was exhausted. Completely. I’m still amazed Kyra did the whole five miles herself. I’m still amazed she didn’t fall asleep the moment we got home. I’m kind of amazed Andrew didn’t either. The only reason I didn’t is I didn’t allow myself to lie down. It would’ve been all over then.


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2 responses to “Walk for Animals: 2009

  1. Looks like everyone had a wonderful time — congratulations to Andrew for deciding to participate in the walk, to Lady K for making it the full five miles, and to you for not collapsing in a heap as soon as you returned home!

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